Life at Sygic

Telekom Night Run

26. 09. 2016

Of course, we couldn't miss this year's Bratislava Night Run. Almost 4500 ran the 10km track, with 20 runners from Sygic :).

Our data scientists rocked it!

02. 09. 2016

In August, our colleagues managed to win an international hackathon in Budapest. They nailed it with a machine-learning solution that optimizes address search in our navigation app.

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We have found our Sygic Traveler!

06. 09. 2016

After 3 months of seeking and careful consideration, we have finally found our Sygic Traveler who will travel around the world for a whole year, capturing atmosphere of the most unique places via 360° camera. Michal Galik is the lucky traveler and video maker to get the dream job.

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Just do it right

26. 08. 2016

We might call it an unofficial motto of our team. We create new products, improve the existing ones and very often, even improvise. So what. We go where our creativity takes us and this means usually against the flow.

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List vs Tiles – 5 things we have learned from a click test

29. 06. 2016

At Sygic we strive for data-driven decisions. Recently, we have been considering List vs Tiles while designing a new Search Options screen. Setting up a simple click test to see the actual performance of both design approaches was an obvious choice. Yet, some of the observations were rather suprising.

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Fresh summer

04. 08. 2016

We would all like to spend the whole summer by the pool. However, since summertime is also the top travel season, we have to be there to accompany our users on the road. Fortunately, there are way to make hot days in the office a little more exciting. This summer has got to be FRESH.

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The Sygic way

04. 07. 2016

Recently I´ve celebrated a small milestone in my career. I´ve managed to do something that generation Y perceives as a challenge. I´ve been with the same company for over a year.

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Who says you need a call center?

19. 07. 2016

Every once in a while someone asks me about my work at Sygic Support Center. What they picture is a noisy room crowded with people waring headsets, talking in all world languages. I sometimes have as much as 5 smartphones on my desk and still, I am not using them to make calls. I also wear headphones but the only sound coming from them is my favorite band. Who says you need to be on the phone all day to help millions of clients?

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Challenge Day 2016

27. 06. 2016

Challenge is one of our core values. Sounds nice but what it is really like to step out of one's comfort zone? This year's main challenge at the traditional Challenge Day was wakeboard.

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