Life at Sygic

Innovation Day vol. 12

31. 10. 2018

Innovation is in our DNA and our Innovation Days are becoming a tradition. In October, we organized this internal hackathon for the 12th time already, proving once again that we never run out of ideas. Out of 15 presented, half of them are likely to make it to the product and our users.

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Získaj štipko na UX / UI kurz v Sygicu v hodnote 600€!

11. 10. 2018

Máš v hlave skvelý nápad na mobilnú appku, ale nevieš, ako ju nakresliť? Alebo si už skúšal urobiť vlastnú appku, ale vylámal si si zuby na dizajne a nikto z Tvojich známych nevedel, ako sa v nej preklikať? Ak chceš vylepšiť svoje UX a UI skills, prihlás sa na náš Základný kurz UX / UI, ktorý budú viesť naši skúsení dizajnéri priamo v Sygicu. Najlepšie na tom je, že ho môžeš absolvovať celý zadarmo. Ako na to?

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11th Innovation Day

14. 06. 2018

It is unbelievable that we’ve already wrapped up our 11th Innovation Day. One could say that such a regular event cannot be surprising anymore. But we again proved that there always is space for innovation and that we can come up with many ideas that have the potential to make it into the product and eventually to our customers. However, we first need to convince our fellow colleagues.

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Christmas Party 2017

18. 12. 2017

The best thing about end of the year apart from Christmas itself is the chance to slow down a bit and appreciate all the hard work of each and every team member that's helped to make our products even better. Sounds like a good pretext for a two-day party :).

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10th Innovation Day

24. 10. 2017

Freedom to work on our own ideas - that is one of the best things about working at Sygic. So far, we have come up with more than 120 ideas that shaped Sygic over the last 5 years.

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Challenge Day 2017

05. 07. 2017

Challenge is one of the core values at Sygic. We love to test our limits and step out of the comfort zone. And we really did at this year's Challenge Day.

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9th Innovation Day

28. 06. 2017

Innovation day is a two-day internal hackathon we hold twice a year. 9th Innovation Day was somehow special as it was the first one since we moved to our new office. Our colleagues came up with some great ideas how to make Sygic even better.

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Sygic Traveler at Sygic

10. 04. 2017

Yay! Our Sygic Traveler Michal has finally found a slot on his busy calendar and stopped by at our Bratislava office after yet another exciting trip on his way around the world.

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