Working at Sygic will make you happy.

Because it is not just a work. But also regular hackatons, Innovation Day, Challenge Day, Fresh Summer, BBQ parties, Christmas All Company Meeting and much more...



Only the best ideas get to our customers. We strive to increase the value we bring to our customers. Innovation is the fuel.


What you pay attention to, grows. We focus on the important ideas, which are in line with our vision and values. It requires to give up on projects that do not push us forward.


Growth happens outside your comfort zone. We take on challenges and try new things. We believe it is not silly to make a mistake, but not to learn from it.


Everyone should be happy at work! Therefore we want you to find your passion and enable you to pursue it.


Each person is unique but altogether we create a powerful whole. Without a team like we have it would not be possible to deliver products to 200 million people worldwide.

We support


  • zdravie

    Healthy body, healthy mind

    It is essential for us that our people are healthy and satisfied. A multisport card, height-adjustable table, regular massages, and workouts with a coach right in the office await you. If a disease still breaks you, you can use a sick-day or PN with an extra charge.

  • priestory

    A place you want to be

    We proudly boast about our office - more than 95% of our colleagues is proud to bring their visitors here and show them around. Moreover, Sygic office was awarded by the public and the jury. It describes who we are - informal, creative, hard-working and fun loving.

  • flexibilita

    Flexibility and freedom

    It is up to you when you decide to work on your tasks. We trust you - that you will deliver results of the highest quality on time. The possibility of home-office and flexible working hours with arrival to work between 7 - 10, suits the early birds and night predators.

  • rozvijame_ta

    We support you

    You are entitled to personal and professional development. Additionally, if you want to move to another position within Sygic after some time, you are the first relevant candidate for us.

  • spokojne_brusko

    Happy tummy

    Every day you kick up your productivity with freshly ground coffee and recharge your energy with sweet fruit. All company meets over shared breakfast every month, but if you can't wait, you can prepare it by yourself in a fully equipped kitchen.

  • benefity

    You choose your benefits

    Sport, health, relax, culture, extra vacation, or pension saving ... Thanks to the cafeteria system, you can choose a benefit tailored to you.


Working at Sygic will also make you happy thanks to regular and random joint events. Hackathons, Innovation Day, Challenge Day, Fresh Summer, Grill party, Christmas Party, will help you to get to know your colleagues even better and from a different angle.

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