How to be happy at work when the vacation is over?

Written by Katarina Milova
04. 09. 2019 ·

We want people to be happy at Sygic. Therefore, in August "Fresh & Happy Newsletter" we continued with supplying our people with some tips to help them increase their satisfaction.

1. Have a friend at work
It is not (just) about having fun with colleagues. But also, having friends to share both work and personal topics. It is one of the most reliable prevention against burnout, improves stress management, and make us live longer. Moreover, friends at work increase engagement, cooperation, and problem-solving.

Don’t forget it takes some effort to foster relationships at work. Offer help, listen to others, catch up with someone you haven’t talked to for a long time or go for lunch/ coffee together.

2. Put down your phone
“Information overload” is the dark side of all the apps and networks that make our life easier. The infinite amount of information, notifications, e-mails are not only bothering us but also occupy our brain „working“ capacity. It takes between 10 – 25 minutes for our brain to switch back to what you were doing before and fully focus. Moreover, information overload increases physiological stress and can lead to anxiety, problems with sleep.

The research has shown that notifications impair our performance even if we don’t check them straight away. However, they get our attention at the moment you receive them, and we lose our focus. Maybe now is the time to rethink which notifications you really need turned on.

3. Complete your task
We all know the discomfort of piling up the unfinished tasks. Our brain has a natural tendency to finish incomplete shapes and figures according to personal experience and context – which employs our attention and working memory. Moreover, procrastination increases stress, anxiety, which worsens our hearth´s health.

Are you struggling with tasks that are impossible to finish? Try setting partial goals and deadlines in complex tasks, record your progress, and don’t forget to celebrate success 😊.

4. Observe if coffee is really energizing you
Our body is naturally stimulated by the hormone cortisol, which peaks at 8-9 am, 12- 1 pm and 5:30 – 6:30 pm.
Of course, the cycle adapts to the time you wake up. Generally, cortisol peaks approx half an hour after waking up and then slowly decreases.

As the caffeine has a very similar effect to cortisol, you should have your coffee break short after its peak time. Coffee on cortisol peak time intensifies and prolongs the stress state, which harms our health in the long term. Moreover, it increases the tolerance to caffeine and decreases cortisol production; thus, you will need more coffee to wake up.

5. Fight away the autumn blues
End of summer means autumn, less sunlight, colder days, more rain and for many people also worse mood. Less light increases melatonin (the sleep hormone) production. Weaker sun rays lower the level of vitamin D, which inhibits serotonin, happiness hormone.

So this is why you should keep your summer mood even in autumn, don’t get deceived by shorter days, plan your days ahead, go out for a walk, meet your friends and do sports.
...and don’t forget, it is okay to be a bit down too. Just take your time!😊

Keen on more happy tips? Check out our July blogpost! Keen on having a job with purpose which makes you happy,join us and create Sygic with us!

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