Summer at Sygic after quarantine

Written by Katarina Milova

It always gets hard to keep motivation with summer days having come. The weather makes us feel like swimming or sunbathing, but we are getting back to our offices to continue with the business as usual. We believe it is always worth making things pleasant, thus we stick to our traditional initiative - Fresh summer.

Fresh summer is all about treating ourselves with something tasty each week to boost the energy levels and motivation. And as COVID ruined most od the holiday plans, we will at least dream of travelling places while enjoying treats from both typical and exotic destinations - such as cooked corn cobs from Slovak swimming pool, american hotdogs, french croissants, or fresh ice cream from Adriatic beaches.

This year we kicked off with ice cream (of course! ), followed by another run of Quarantino Challenge, to warm up our cognitive skills, spatial orientation and knowledge of random facts from medicine, ecology, or sports.

Food as a gift never lets you down, so the winners were awarded with special medals ;)

Feel like having some ice cream with us? Join our team!

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