Code against Corona !

Written by Katarina Milova

We all realise the need for responsible behaviour to flatten the curve of COVID 19 pandemics. Therefore we are more than proud of our colleagues who have gone the extra mile and became a part of volunteering team developing the app to fight the virus.

The people behind the app are IT specialists, product-managers, lawyers and call-centre specialists. The team held discussions with WHO, Slovak Ministry of Health, but also tech gigants Google and Facebook.

"We have spent three weeks working all day & night. It was usual to meet at morning stand-up after two hours of sleep", says Michal Štencl, the founder of Sygic, and main initiator of COVID app development.

Recently the app pulled together with app Zostaň zdravý to offer one app free for every country and enable them to fight the disease today or in the future. The source code has been released on Git Hub . Moreover, now it is also available for both Android and Apple users!

App uses GPS and Bluetooth (which works perfectly even in closed areas) to recognize the contact with the infected person and can anonymously reverse-trace initial infection before the symptoms occur.

Read more about the app in interview with Michal.