How to work remotely in quarantine and stay sane - part II

Written by Katarina Milova

It has been nearly one month of quarantine now. Many of us have already been through various stages of (de)motivation and tried working in every room in the house. To ignite the enthusiasm again, we have another few tips to try !

1. Catch some sun.

Sunlight is good for you in so many ways. It enhances the vitamin D production – a very important vitamin these days, as it supports the immunity.Sun also activates T cells, which fight the inflammation and infection. Moreover, sunlight increases serotonine – a happiness hormone. Do not forget to enjoy some sun rays even in quarantine – chill on a balcony for a while, or go for a short walk. Of course, always follow actual safety restrictions.

2. Learn to unplug.

The most common difficulty that remote workers face is learning, when to stop working. Working form home, the line between work and rest can get too fine. In a long run this could result in lower productivity and more mistakes, but also make you more stress prone (which lowers your immunity). To prevent working 24/7, try planning the tasks you want to finish but also a leisure activity to relax. At the end of a working day devote few minutes for reporting.

3. Socialise.

The bright side of quarantine can be having time to reunite with your family (fun fact – the divorce requests in Wuhan rose remarkably).Did you use to to have a morning cofee with your favourite coworkers? Did you go for a lunch together? You could try compensating for this with a coffee ove a video call. Do not forget that the close social relationships are are the strongest predictor of healthy and happy life.

4. Do not get bored.

Days in quarantine can start to loook like each other. As noone can predict exactly when the situation settles down, it is important not to postpone your hobbies for later. Do not forget to do what you enjoy and makes you happy. Having hobbies helps you handle stress, not to panick, increase creativity and cognitive skills.