How to work remotely in quarantine and stay sane

Written by Katarina Milova

Struggling to get used to new quarantine home office? Long-term remote working is new for us too. We put together few tips for our Sygic team on how to keep your productivity when working from home.

1. Arrange your „new office“.

Having a separated working spot is a luxury many of us do not have. Try to pick a place, which is good enough to ensure comfortable and healty sitting and also enhances your focus and gives you some privacy. And no – it is not a bed. Working from bed can condition your brain– either you feel sleepy when you want to work, or feel active and in working mode, when trying to sleep. If you have roommates (whether partner, kids, or friends), you need to set some boundaries – when you don´t want to be disturbed and when you are ready to socialise.

2. Stick to your routine.

Being at home all day can tempt you to turn your weekend mode on. Try to resist, set your alarm every day, and do change from your pajamas. Take som time before starting to dress up, have breakfast and settle down. Following a routine will help you stay focused, and also spare some time.

3. Find your rhythm.

Your brain operates in Basic Activity Rest Cycle – which consists of 90 minutes of activity, followed by 20 minutes of rest. Try to assign these 90 minutes to focused work and use the 20-minute break for stretching, few push-ups, or yoga. Do not scroll through Instagram – your eyes need rest too (for simplicity, you could try 20-20-20 rule).

4. Move!

Many of us realise we have been moving noticeably less in these quarantine days. However, closed fitness centers and limited possibilities to do sports outside do not have to kill your summer body. Activity is right for your mind and body – try to do at least light exercise for 30-minutes daily. There are plenty of online tips for home workout.

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