Challenge Day 2016

27. 06. 2016 ·

Challenge is one of our core values. Sounds nice but what it is really like to step out of one's comfort zone? This year's main challenge at the traditional Challenge Day was wakeboard.

Challenge day is a company event organized each year to test our limits. This year we decided to go for a bit of adrenaline and even though some of us were hesitating, eventually most of us tried it some even fell in love.

Image: To try or not to try. That is the question. Most of us did in the end :)

Despite a rather pessimistic weather forecast we managed to avoid rain. Not that it really mattered when most of us ended up taking bath anyway. Falling is definitely a part of learning and by the end of the day, some of us noted a significant progress. Altogether it was another great day spent together will all Sygeeks :)