Join us and experience Sygic

While we have grown into a global company, we still keep our start-up mindset. We are technology enthusiasts working in small teams. Each of us leaves a personal fingerprint on our innovative products, enjoyed by millions.

Core-Tech Unit

Core-Tech Unit powers the core of all our solutions.

Product Specialist

Bratislava Full-time

We are looking for a new colleague to join our Routing team as Product Specialist. Your main responsibility will be continuous improvement of routing…

Enterprise Business Unit

Enterprise Business Unit is responsible for development and sales of our B2B software solutions all over the world.

Android Developer

Bratislava Full-time

We are looking for an Android developer to help us build a new agile team and work on our core product - Sygic GPS Navigation that accompanies 200…

iOS Developer

Bratislava Full-time

We are seeking an iOS specialist to join our team, work with the latest technologies and leave their personal fingerprint on products enjoyed by…

.NET Developer

Bratislava Full-time

Si programátor, ktorý svojou šikovnosťou necháva ostatných ďaleko za sebou? Máš potrebné skúsenosti, ale chýba Ti prostredie, kde by si sa mohol realizovať?…

If you are driven by a vision to design and build products for billions of users worldwide, join us. The next big thing may start right here.

Michal Štencl, Founder