Summer at Sygic is Fresh!

Written by Katarina Milova
03. 07. 2019 ·

For us the beginning of summer isn´t just about light traffic and afternoon coffee on the terrace, but also our favorite Fresh Summer initiative.

We came up with Fresh summer to look forward to going to work during the hot summer days and not feel upset for not lying on the beach instead. Every week there is some little something what brings a smile to our faces, such as ice cream, smoothies or donuts.

While working hard, we can at least dream of traveling the world, which will be enhanced by our Fresh summer :) . We will enjoy tastes of exotic destinations but also traditional summer Slovakian must-haves. We have started the first week of July with a classic – typical reward for good grades at school, ice cream in cones.

This year we are testing a pilot project – Fresh & Happy newsletter. Every week it will bring a simple technique for everyone to try to be happier at work and have better relationships. We believe happiness at work is not JUST about free ice cream and coffee, but mostly about your mindset and tendencies to behave.
PS: However, what kind of summer is that without a pool? :)

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