We believe in the better opportunities for girls and women

Written by Katarina Milova
27. 04. 2022 ยท

It is no secret we hope to have much more women in IT. There is a soft spot in our hearts for organizations such as Aj Ty v IT , that supports women opportunities in tech companies or any other companies. They aim to empower, educate and motivate women and girls.

This year we planned some really interesting topics with Aj Ty v IT. We started with preparation for a job interview - Assessment Centre. AC is a form of group job interview, where various methods and activities are used to identify soft skills, behaviour in team or in individual activities. It does sound like fun and some people think it is. However, it is kind of stressful, too, as you are being observed by couple of assessors while having to undergo few difficult tasks.

This mock AC is a great opportunity for girls not only to prepare for their job interviews, but also to increase their self-reflection and practice stress resilience.

Four brave girls registered and spent good 3 hours participating in group activities, individual activities - both oral and written, and job interview. As a reward, we prepared plenty of snacks and merch for them, but above all, we held individual feedback sessions to discuss their strenghts, potential and areas to develop, or career aspirations.

We cant wait to repeat this workshop and we keep our fingers crossed for the girls! If you know a girl who already thinks of her future career, invite her for the workshops we organise with Aj Ty v IT - Prepare your first CV or Manage your stress better

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