7th Innovation Day full of new ideas

09. 05. 2016 ·

"How can there always be something to improve in your app?" we hear all the time. Surprisingly enough, our 7th Innovation Day was once again packed with new ideas that will soon appear in our app as additional features.

Innovation Day is an opportunity for all Sygeeks to work on their own ideas outside the regular roadmap and two-week sprints. Everyone is free to join a team, working on a project that interests them the most and brainstorm, draw wireframes and code for 2 days.

It is generally true that even a good idea is useless unless it sells, that is why attractive team presentations are an inevitable part of Innovation day. Every employee then votes for the most innovative idea. The winning team gets the fame but all ideas are taken into account when it comes to planning new features during the year.

Image: Love goes through stomach and so does creativity. That is why refreshments are served throughtout the day.

Image: The winning team gets the prize from our CEO, Michal Štencl

Innovation Day is yet another prove that at Sygic, we all can leave a personal fingerprint on our products. It really feels good to see people around the globe enjoying a feature that was made up like this.