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Redefining the way people travel

With over 200 million users worldwide, we are anything but done. Our vision is to enable our users to plan and book their trip, navigate to the destination in a safe and comfortable way and guide them through cities and interesting places, all using a single application.

Connecting phones with car infotainment systems

Together with car and mobile-phone manufacturers we shape the future of how billions of people across the world will drive. By connecting smartphones with car systems, we provide drivers with smart information along the route, guiding them safely to their destination.

Helping families stay in touch throughout the day

Our app enables our users to see the real-time location of their close ones throughout the day and stay in touch with instant messages. Wherever they are, they can be sure their family and friends are safe with Family Locator.

Navigating business all over the world

Our technologies and professional business solutions are trusted by global companies. They are used to track and manage car or truck fleets but also help rescue systems and taxi companies across the globe with their daily duties.

Everything we do is driven by innovation

With new technologies emerging faster than ever before, a new era begins literally every hour. At Sygic, we keep up with the latest technology, connect our applications to smart devices such as wearables with the aim to guide each and every person on the move.

120 thousand

new users daily

12 billion

km driven with Sygic app monthly

200 million

unique users worldwide

Single application with all necessary information for a comfy drive, easy parking and walk in the city.

Sygic Car Navigation

Offline navigation optimized for build-in infotainment systems.

Sygic team

180 amazing people who make the dream come true. This is our story.