Challenge Day finally offline

Written by Katarina Milova
31. 08. 2021 ·

Last few days it might have felt as the summer is over. Hoping for Indian Summer to come, we want to share some Challenge Day memories with you.
We love to work hard and play hard. Our value Challenge reminds us of how important it is to regularly try something out of our comfort zone to learn, improve, and enjoy. Challenge Day is an event when basically everyone from Sygic leaves their comfort zone and tries something new, usually involving getting sweaty, dirty, having to swim or climb. This year we decided to conquer Maly Dunaj.

Being passionate about navigating people on their trips, of course, we had to test our Navi with our bus driver to Hurbanova Ves. He did an outstanding job driving on the narrow, unpaved road! He proved our users are one of the best drivers worldwide!

Dresscode for this Challenge Day was easy - a swimming suit and a headcover, which we had custom-made. Sprayed with sunscreen and repellent, all the crew started to onboard. As some of us are not that into the excel sheets and registration forms, we had to play some human Tetris while onboarding, but at the end, everyone got on the board, and the cruise started.

Staying dry on the board was a real challenge for some of us; however, we discovered hidden talents in canoeing!

With some minor crashes, few pit stops, and loads of fun, we happily landed in Jelka, at the restaurant where the lunch was ready for us. We love food, so we spent good three hours there eating and drinking and enjoying super shallow water and the view of the historical watermill.

And as we believe there is no such thing as too much teambuilding, we continued on our terrace with our Sygic DJ´s and enjoyed the sunset.

If you like challenges too, why not join us? Send us your CV and check our Instagram to see what to expect!