Find a way or make one

07. 10. 2016 ·

I've known Sygic ever since I came across a first smartphone with its GPS Navigation app. I knew it was a Slovak company, developing a first-class mobile application. This summer, after the app successfully got me and my friends to and from my holiday in Croatia, I stumbled upon the opportunity to join the new Sygic team in Brno. I knew straight away it was the right choice for me.

It's pretty exciting to be a part of a newly created team in Brno. Right now, I'm going through some trainings at the Bratislava headquarters to get familiar with the product and the team so that I can start working independetly in the Brno office in a month or two.

Image: "I either find a way or make one. At all costs :)."

Of course, I first got some simple tasks to start with. Guys are really helpful and give me a tour of their parts of the code. I now get to realize the difference between a hands-on work on a complex product rather than a mechanical programming that often comes along a work at a custom software. I was surprised, in a good way, to learn that there is no single buddy to take care of my training. Everybody here is responsible for the team as a whole and gives me advice whenever needed.

In case you are looking for a challenge within a brand-new team and you are tempted try consistent work on a cool product, join us in Brno. You will probably have to put up with freaks like me, but let the great startup culture and all the benefits be a decent compensation :).

Blog by Adam, Android Developer, Sygic Czech Republic: "I've been developing for Android for 5 years now, since my studies at Masaryk university in Brno. I like to play an electric guitar, mainly bands such as Horkýže Slíže or Metallica. Apart from that I'm a fan of Star Wars, Family Guy and Simpsons."

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