Christmas Party 2018

18. 01. 2019 ·

They say you should never look back. But we like to do it anyway. Because what seems like one small step taken every day turns out to be a tremendous path at the end of the year. So we look back, count our blessings and then look forward to everything that is ahead of us for the next year. But not before we have some fun.

Our end-of-year event always starts in the morning and lasts till the following morning. So its important to stay fit throughout the day. This mexican wave goes to all of us and all of our users and customers, who always push us forward. We love you.

This year, the program of the day for somewhat special as most of the colleagues took part in it. Instead of presentations, teams came up with videos showing the rest of Sygic population how they contribute to the overall success of Sygic. We'd like to show you some of them but most of them we completely inappropriate :). So we show you the reaction of the audience instead. Here it is. Btw, can you spot our founder and former CEO Michal in the audience?

There is usually no dress code at Sygic. But we like to make exceptions to every rule and there always is a prescribed dress code for the end-of-year event. This year's theme of the day was Indians & Cowboys. Take a look at how we did:

(This pic is best described by the quote: "Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.")

(Guys, that wasn't quite what we meant by Indians, but you definitely got points for creativity.)

In the end, we couldn't decide which Indian or Cowboy should be awarded the best costume, so the secret bag of goodies went... to the cactus :).

And the party went on...

...interrupted for the very last time by a raffle with shared experiences instead of classic prizes, nominated by our colleagues. Peter was the lucky winner of the main prize - a tandem skydiving experience, donated by Boris. Needless to say, all the money from the xmas raffle went to charity.

Aaand that's it for 2018. Thanks for being with us and see you all next year :)