Girl’s Day a.k.a. We need more girls in IT!

Written by Katarina Milova

We consider education one of the most important values of society. Therefore we proudly support initiatives that strive to improve education - especially of technical skills in young people. One of such organisations is Aj ty v IT that is on a mission to make women fall in love with IT.

At Sygic women make up to 20% of the whole Sygic team (we also have two girl developers! ), and we believe we still can increase our team diversity. We agree there should be more women working in tech companies, so we joined Girl’s Day, and organised workshop for high school girls who are deciding about the university and field of studies.

Trying to stay safe & healthy, we met online.

It is always a challenge to enhance the interaction in online events, but have you tried to make guided walk through the offices online? Our offices are one of the most remarkable in Slovakia, and always make part of the success of any event at Sygic. We couldn´t miss the chance to show them, so we just walked through them with a camera.

We decided to show the girls the career possibilities in a tech company (whether you are a tech geek or not) through the product life cycle. Girls took a sneak peek into research, design, development, marketing and recruitment. Besides practical aspects and needed skills, our Sygic girls talked about how they had chosen their university and how much they continued with their field after studies (as this is often the fear no. 1 among high school students).

The practical part was about how to prepare a CV - how to promote your experiences if you haven´t had a job so far, what mistakes to avoid and how to realise your strenghts and weaknesses.

It was strange how much stressed we all had felt before the start - they say you are nervous if you care a lot. Fortunately, according to the feedback, girls enjoyed it very much, and we have to say, we enjoyed it too!

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