Innovation Day vol. 12

31. 10. 2018 ยท

Innovation is in our DNA and our Innovation Days are becoming a tradition. In October, we organized this internal hackathon for the 12th time already, proving once again that we never run out of ideas. Out of 15 presented, half of them are likely to make it to the product and our users.

They say new ideas need to be nurtured so they can develop into something big. We take this advice seriously and always start the day with team breakfast.

Teamwork is one of our key values and it also plays an important role during Innovation Day, as every team member contributes to the idea in their own way. Alone we are smart but together we are brilliant... and all wearing the same T-shirt to represent the idea.

Alrighty. Time to get down to business, take our team, find our spot, brainstorm, sketch and code.

Hey. Can you spot the word "eat" in "Life at Sygic"? Nope? Then you may wanna take another look :)

Day 2: just enough time to finish work and prepare a mind-blowing presentation for our colleagues. Everyone gets to vote for the idea they find the most innovative.

At this Innovation Day, we had some 15 really good ideas, out of which half were given the green light at the follow-up meetings, taking place a few days after the hackathon. The winning team introduced a design revolution that 200 million of our users will get to enjoy very soon. Congrats!

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