We have found our Sygic Traveler!

06. 09. 2016 ·

After 3 months of seeking and careful consideration, we have finally found our Sygic Traveler who will travel around the world for a whole year, capturing atmosphere of the most unique places via 360° camera. Michal Galik is the lucky traveler and video maker to get the dream job.

Michal Galik is a zoologist and a professional video maker who loves to travel and shoot documentary movies devoted mainly to global environmental issues. „I truly appreciate the opportunity to bring the atmosphere of incredible places around the globe to millions of users through my own eyes. Traveling and making videos is a dream come true however I am also well aware of the responsibility that comes with it,“ says Michal.

Michal Galik: Michal is from Kosice, Slovakia. He is 26 and he's been making documentary films since his studies at the Charles University in Prague. He has recently completed a 5-month trip around East Africa.

This incredible vacancy opened as a result of a new travel platform Sygic Travel, introduced lately with the ambition to redefine the travel experience. Users can not only plan and reserve their trips using a single app, but also get inspiration through 360° videos and VR when choosing the destination itself. Michal will thus become their eyes, bringing the atmosphere of world destinations to their homes. First videos as well as the app itself will be introduced in the Oculus Store within coming days.

Almost 400 candidates from Slovakia and Czech Republic applied for the position opened in May this year, mainly professional film makers but also passionate travelers and young graduates, between the age of 20 and 35. Apart from the application itself, chosen candidates were asked to prepare a travel itinerary and shoot a sample video in 360°.

This is the video Michal shot in Vienna in half a day, holding a 360° camera for the first time:

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