Sygic is 18 already!

Written by Katarina Milova
30. 06. 2022 ·

It was in July 2004 when Michal Štencl, with his partners, founded Sygic. 👨‍💼 Since then, it's been 18 years of unceasing effort to be the best in the world – 18 years of many first-places, innovations, tackling challenges of several industries, and bringing new technologies to them. From navigating fleets to the navigation of commuters and travelers, truck drivers, and caravanners to the solutions for insurance and automotive. 🚗 Sygic has grown up into an adult, always putting people in the first place and still keeping its young mindset!

We never miss a chance to celebrate. There are several things have helped us to get where we are now – and we basically built our culture and values around them. It is our tradition to celebrate our values at all-company events.

Our value Challenge was something that played a vital role in Sygic lifespan and turned our B-day party into Challenge Day.

We really had to step out of our comfort zone, run in the sand, and try the obstacle race on the ground and in the water.

The dresscode for the evening party was "The pirates & sailors". The dinner, cake, wine and rum were well deserved.

To many more exciting, challenging, innovative years, Sygic!