"It's ok to admit you don't know something" says Pavol Bulka, R&D Director

15. 04. 2016 ยท

What I like the most about working at Sygic is the friendly atmosphere.

Pavol, you are still young but it feels like you've been working at Sygic forever. How long has it been?

Almost 5 years now.

It looks like you are enjoying yourself here. Why is it so?

Well, first of all I really enjoy the atmosphere. A lot of companies wish for a friendly atmosphere but it often looks very artificial and everyone acts important. It is not like that at Sygic. Of course, there's gotta be some structure but in general we are all equal. We cooperate on a friendly basis and that is what I appreciate the most about working here.

Can you descibe how it works in your team?

When I need something to be done, I come and talk to guys. But I'm not like "do this and this", it is more of a dialogue, really. I explain why I need something to be done and we set the priorities and deadlines together. The cooperation is very relaxed, which, of course, does not mean we don't work hard.

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