Innovation Days a.k.a. We are innovating again

Written by Katarina Milova

Innovation has been the Sygic fuel since ever. And one of the most popular internal events is Innovation Day, which celebrates this value. Even though this year has special atmosphere, we wouldn't miss the chance to create something new and original.

Last week we devoted whole two days just to the ideas and projects with potential to improve lives of our users or all Sygic team. Even though the teambuilding aspect, such as shared breakfast and dinner, or party till the sunrise, belongs to the whole event inspeparably, we decided to hold Innovation Days in a more "COVID-safe" version this year, and focused on increasing the safety.

All the good ideas need time to grow - thus we waited for the teams to apply till the very last minute. Altogether there were twelve teams with great projects competing.

Voting for the winners was super hard. At the end the winner of this equal fight became our remote team in Brno, that is responsible for GPS navi for AOS.

Applause goes to all the teams - in a very short time they managed to deliver working demos. In order to discuss further possibilities, management will follow up on their topic with each team.
It is not an exception that most useful ideas are later released as add-ons or features.
Do you have an outstanding idea, too? Contact us and share it with us : )

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