10th Innovation Day

24. 10. 2017 ยท

Freedom to work on our own ideas - that is one of the best things about working at Sygic. So far, we have come up with more than 120 ideas that shaped Sygic over the last 5 years.

The 10th edition our traditional 2-day "festival" of good ideas was a great opportunity to look back in history... at the evolution of a lightbulb?

Anyway, Innovation Day is also a great teambuilding event, where people from different teams get to work together and to know each other better. Even though we grow steadily, we like to keep the family spirit. Maybe too literally...

1.) Start your day by putting on a clean Tshirt

2.) Why don't you grab something to eat?

3.) Sweetie, I think the dog wants to go out...

4.) Always listen to other people's ideas

5.) And support your fellow colleagues

Innovation doesn't mean we can't stick to traditions. Such as using an old-fashioned way of voting for the best idea.

Even though it might seem that the winners take it all...

...we let all our ideas shine in the end! :)

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