Innovation Day vol. 13

06. 06. 2019 ยท

Innovation is one of our core values. At Sygic we are aware it is not enough to hang the values on the wall in the meeting room, so we strive to live them every day. We organized Innovation Days for the 13th time already. Innovation Days are our hackathon, where each of us can bring up and idea to improve our both product or internal projects and work on them for the whole two days. Every year, many of these ideas are implemented into our products and get to our customers.

Not only, for this reason, our Innovation Days are one the most favorite events โ€“ also because of the opportunity to unite the team at the shared breakfast and dinner, in the Sygic merch T-shirts or at the afterparty on the terrace. When working in Sygic, you don't always hurry home after work ๐Ÿ˜Š

This year we worked on 8 topics โ€“ mainly app improvements, widgets, new design, but also ideas on customer feedback utilization.

We know very well the excellent presentation sells, and no one underestimated the final performance. It is often the highlight of the whole hackathon.

The winner is decided by democratic election, but each good project has a chance to turn into reality after discussions with the CEO.

We enjoy innovating! :) It is essential not only for the customers but also for us to learn, improve, and self-actualize. We decided that the Innovation Days also deserve some innovation after 7 years. We are already looking forward to new ideas. ๐Ÿ˜Š