Challenge Day a.k.a. Sygic has been taking on challenges for 15 years already

Written by Katarina Milova

You know we consider company values more than just web-page claims. And while summer could represent offseason for some, we try to utilize hot summer days to organize events that combine business with pleasure – that is to have fun and build a team, but also enhance innovation, teamwork or problem-solving.

One of such events is Challenge Day, a day when we dig deep, overcome our fears and laziness, sweat hard and laugh hard.
This year our team locked horns in Hangair arena. We proved we can jump both high and far, beat the fear of heights, unbeatable obstacles, but also stand the extreme heat and hunger 😉

The ones who preferred other than action challenges joined the special team „Bábovka“ and cheered others from the swimming pool.

This year‘s Challenge Day was bit special though, as it is Sygic‘s 15th anniversary. In the afternoon, after the team games, we suit up, had BBQ, cake and prosecco.
We proved we are team players both in the team games and at the Bday party. Our boys grilled dinner for almost 100 colleagues, drafted beer, poured Prosecco, and cut the cake. Of course, founders of Sygic, Michal Štencl, Janko and Vilo Sameliak, and our shareholders were present too.

We were toasting to the long and happy life of Sygic all night long 😊 Hopefully, we will take on the challenges with Sygic at least 15 more years! Curious to see more? Check out video from the event!