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26. 08. 2016 ·

We might call it an unofficial motto of our team. We create new products, improve the existing ones and very often, even improvise. So what. We go where our creativity takes us and this means usually against the flow.

We are a team of 11, which is really nothing, compared to team size of our competition like Google, HERE or TomTom. But you know what? This is exactly what motivates us. We deal with Location-Based Services Platform and work with data. This probably tells you nothing but no worries. We too were kind of off the track when we started the whole thing a year ago.

LBS Platform is a web SDK enabling our apps to calculate routes for passenger cars or trucks, seek adresses and get their coordinates in order to finally display them on the map. Each stage of this process is taken care of by one of our Product Managers (a fancy title for Roman, Feri anf myself) and a couple of Developers (such as Roman, Ondrej, Ondro, Braňo and Jozef, and our new team members: two Jozefs and Andrej).

Apart from LBS, our passion is data and data science. We process an incredible amount of data in something very close to real time and build our own products on top of them, such as real-time traffic. There are endless possibilities and we always come up with new ideas.

One of the hot topics nowadays is artificial intelligence and deep learning. We are currently thinking of how to make the navigation perceive the real world around and adjust accordingly and which data need to be used to achieve this. Based on patterns and formulas, we would like to predict a traffic jam and guide users to alternative routes without creating another jam.

One really has to be a bit nuts to be able deal with these things on a long-term basis. And determined as well. Fortunately, we all are. What really helps us to use our creativity is the freedom we have when it comes to selecting the right technologies. This allows us to create innovative products that can be successful on a global scale. Moreover, when we launch a project, we never know for sure where it will take us, which really explains our team motto: „Just do it right".

If you think you could fit into our team, get in touch. We primarily seek developers, but there is always a space for any kind of weirdo.

Image: Blog by Pavol Magic, Head of Location-Based Services Platform and an unofficial Sygic magician :P

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