OpenLab 2019

14. 06. 2019 ·

At Sygic we try to live and advocate our values; therefore, we support projects, which are aligned with them. We invited young developers from the project OpenLab to our office, which aims to contribute to the reform of education in Slovakia.

In Open Lab students have the opportunity to work on real projects for companies, under the leadership of mentors – Lab masters. While working on projects, not only get students developmental feedback, but also improve their teamwork skills, try remote work, get acquainted with current approaches to project management and develop their critical thinking.

On Friday (14th June), students presented their project to our colleagues and to „jury“ – heads of Design, Marketing in Sygic, CTO, and CEO. Even though students are still in their high schools, their presentations and Powerpoint skills were jaw-dropping.

Although the jury questions were challenging, they did not catch promising young developers off their guards. They were a source of valuable feedback both for students and for the project managers of Open Lab.

Learning is not about being afraid of trying new, is it about challenging things, and making mistakes. We decided to support this mindset in the students and wanted to give them a little "reminder" :) – our merch, Sygic t-shirts. We are proud these guys will be wearing them! :)

Curios to see more ? Check our video or OpenLab online.