Turn your world around!

Turn your life around 360° and get the best job in the world

Do you want to make your travel dreams come true? Sygic changes the way people travel and you can be a part of it. Apply for a trip around the world and shoot 360° videos of the most amazing places on Earth.

What will Sygic Traveler do?

A successful candidate will have an opportunity to travel around the world for a whole year and catch the atmosphere of the most famous landmarks using 360° camera. Your experiences will become a part of virtual reality, inspiring millions of people planning their holiday through Sygic Travel app.

Who are we looking for?

Actually you, if you love traveling, shooting videos and you are a fan of the latest technologies. Prove that you can make outstanding videos and apply for the best job in the world. Make a 2 to 5-minute video catching the atmosphere of places every visitor should see in your town. There is no need to comment the video just please make sure to introduce yourself in a short video presentation in Slovak, Czech or English. You can record the video on your camera, smartphone or using a 360° technology. In case you are already a pro, feel free to attach a link to your work.

How to apply?

Application period has ended. Thank you for your interest and all your videos.

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